Monday, April 14, 2014

The Dream Image

This is a project I've had thought of for a long time.  Since doing photography is not a glamorous job, yet some seem to think so, I thought I would take a photo of who I would like to be and compare it to who I really am.

Photographing weddings and anything people for over a decade gets me many images to share that are not of myself personally so I thought it a treat to have another photographer spend time on what I want for a change.

Along comes Thomas Lim, a friend we love to learn from and hang out with at the studio.  He enjoys playing with lights and challenging himself on the next new idea.  We spent less than an hour at our studio (The Photographer Studio) and got exactly what I had envisioned from the beginning.

Very little edits were done to these images, this is the real mystery and in real life.

Life is a treasure chest to open and enjoy...if we can't look at who we really are as well as dream...what then is is all about?

This is the original photo I had wanted, then we added the camera...

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